Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Star Wars Customs

Hello, welcome to Darth Streams customs!

Here's a side by side on my Roids Maul custom.

 I started by sanding off the hair with my dremel.

I then rounded out the head with apoxie sculpt.

From this point I was able to sand, paint, and sculpt some horns for the head.

Here's the final custom on the left is the newer one done in gloss black and the older one (right) done in flat black.

Rear shot of the customs.

The fabric is held on by model cement and afterwards I cut a thin strip to make a belt-like tie around.

Here's my Roid Mauls with two Roid Jangos. The Jangos are just Marvel Universe Apocalypses with a head swap with the helmet.

Here's a custom I did for a robo-maul. He was created with a gi-joe upper body and a lower half from the emperor hologram figure. I added his longer horns with apoxie sculpt seen here un-painted.

Here are some action shots of my gloss black roids maul from when I posted it for sale on Ebay.

Here's a custom I made of Jedi Master Odan-Urr. The head was a complete sculpt from apoxie sculpt, the rest of the body was made by a new vintage obi-wan.

Here's a shot with Odan-urr with a few other jedi/sith customs I made.

Odan-Urr besting a custom that is a mix between Revan, Malak, and an imperial knight.

Here is a Marvel Legends Loki figure I picked up loose for 4 dollars. In this photo I was prepping it with apoxie sculpt to customize it into Naga Sadow.

Here's the Naga Sadow mid painting.

This was the original Roids Maul custom I made with flat black paint.

Here's the Roids Jango Fett (Marvel Universe Apocalypse with a jango fett head swap)

Here's two Darth Sion customs I created.

Here's my WIP Naga Sadow need to recoat the shoes and paint the hands red.

Here's my Roids Oppress made from a Marvel Legends Hulk figure.

Here's a zombie trooper I created by merging a new vintage stormtrooper and a gi joe zombie viper.

Here's some new customs (starting from the left) Darth Maleval, Darth Wyrlock, Darth Maul, Death Trooper.

Darth Wyrlock and Darth Maleval from Star Wars Legacy.

 My custom Maleval next to Hasbro's Maleval.

Boba Fett's Mandalorian wrecking crew.

New Customs Starting from left Daeth Trooper, Bao-dur(KOTOR), Robo-Maul, Heavy-Duty Storm Trooper, Darth Maladi (Legacy), Darth version of Cade(Legacy), Bith warrior



Heavy-Duty Strom Trooper

One of the first customs I made.

Lucien Draay(KOTOR) custom, when I was first starting

Custom Stormtrooper

Simple head swaps just messing around

Rancor Slaying Gamorrean Custom, made from potf gamorrean and a marvel universe world war hulk

One of my displays

Some more of my earlier customs

Darth Malgus custom I made before I knew Hasbro was making one, lol

Some more of my customs

 My Seknos Rath custom (Dawn of the Jedi)

My display case

My bookcase.

My workbench where I make all my figures.

My wall of collectibles.

Some more customs.

 Mon Calamari soldier (Inspired by Legacy)

Palpatine chilling on his day off

Rakatan Customs

Selkath custom

Spaceport bar

Cantina Diorama

Jabba's palace diorama

Rancor Pit diorama

Seknos Rath in my case

Custom Vader in my case, made from DC Prototype

Customs and figure display.

Darth Krayt Custom made from old stryfe marvel figure.

Darth Streams custom WIP, my swtor character.

 Zayne Carrick from KOTOR Custom

Xamar from KOTOR custom

K'Kruhk inspired by how he looked in Dark Times

Galactic Alliance General from Legacy

7 inch Darth Sion

7 inch Rakatan


3.75 inch Rakatan

K'Kruhk custom hat