Thursday, October 4, 2012

Visas Marr, Custom Nihilus, Modern day vader and sidious, etc.

SO since I usually don't put a background on my pictures I though I'd switch it up, here's the detention block diorama, with my customs. First up custom Nihilus.
Then my custom Visas Marr. The paint was still wet when I took this picture, I got screwed into using shitty enamels for the paint, rabble rabble rabble. The base figure for this is extra articulated.

Side by Side shot.

Forgot the Jedi's name but pretty sure he was killed in the clone wars eu graphic novels.

Random Sith chick I made to test out my new female bases.

Side by Side.

 Vader and sidious, modern day, the apt pupil.

Enjoi, peace

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